Food is more than fuel

When we choose to set aside our food fears and interact with food in new ways, our relationship with food starts to shift from disordered dieting to mindful eating. Because food is symbolic, which makes it sacred.

If you are already conscious of your feelings toward food, you may have noticed that at times you experience a gamete of emotions (fear, guilt, joy, pleasure, etc.).  But sometimes, you might be so detached from your food that you find yourself rather apathetic toward eating…  Hopefully some of these prompts will help you develop an awareness around your current relationship with food so you can then start creating your ideal relationship with it:

  • How do YOU experience food?
  • What judgments, and values, do you attach to your eating habits?
  • When was the last time you ate something you wanted, sans guilt?
  • If you’re a (grand)mother, watch your (grand)children eat their food — what do you notice about their preferences and behaviors?
  • Ask your inner child what/how she would like to eat.

Intuitive eating is more than just eating what sounds good… It includes honoring your spiritual health by giving yourself permission to enjoy food!  It also includes honoring your physical health through gentle nutrition, which can look like planning for when you’re hungry even if you aren’t.

Do you find yourself justifying under-eating out of fear of overeating? Or are you just completely apathetic about food in general? And what do you do when you’re not hungry?

If you need help understanding your body’s sacred cues (or the lack thereof), and you’re ready to feel less apathetic about food, then it’s time to (re)learn how to trust your body so it can trust you.