All bodies are good bodies

“We are all privileged because we are children of God. Stop encouraging division.”

I too have a testimony of God’s love for Their children. We are all equal in our Heavenly Parents’ eyes! And it’s unfortunate that some don’t treat others as equals, because division does exist. It’s a painful reality for many. Our brothers and sisters are hurting. We need to listen to and validate their pain, to mourn with those that mourn. I know that’s what God would have us do, so we can become more like Them and love as They do.

Stop negating the lived experience of others and start listening. Check your privileges.


I have always lived in a socially acceptable body. I was born with several privileges. And the more I learn about the systemic oppression of those who are different than me, the more I understand how little I understand.

Intuitive eating is an inside job. Dismantling diet culture AND white supremacy is an inside job. The very first principle of intuitive eating is to reject diet culture, and you can’t reject diet culture without also rejecting racism.

For years now I’ve worked on the former, but little on the latter. That’s on me. My complacency made me complicit. But I want to know more, so I can do more, because people deserve more.

When I say all bodies are good bodies, I mean ALL bodies are good bodies — and until every body is treated fairly, I am committed to centering, uplifting, and supporting the bodies of those who are negated. I’m sorry my actions haven’t always reflected my values, and I am willing to lean into the discomfort of being wrong in order to do what’s right.

Mindful eating: what it is, and what it isn’t

As ideal as it might be to eat mindfully, it’s more important that you just eat.

Read that again.

Mindful eating is NOT another way to control, limit, or restrict your food choices and eating habits. It’s an awareness practice that helps you connect to your mind, body, and spirit. It transforms scared eaters into sacred eaters.

After years of body distrust and/or food morality, mindful eating can be used to bridge the gap from diet culture to Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size. It encourages you to enjoy food again and appreciate your body’s brilliance. It examines your food rules and body dissatisfaction with curiosity. It integrates your senses with your thoughts for an embodied experience.

I take it a step further and use experiential eating to help intuitive eaters become more mindful of their relationship with food — not to lose weight but to communicate with their whole Self.

So go ahead and love that chicken!

Want to learn more? Read my book, download my FREE guided meditation, or get on the Mindful Eating Mentorship waitlist — because it’s time to honor your True Food story.

For the love of food

Food is the greatest facilitator. I have a great amount of respect for the human body; I believe it is integral to our eternal progression. We wouldn’t be here without it, and we’re here because we need it. But what does a body need? Food. You cannot, you will not, survive without it.

If our spirit needs a body, and our body needs food, then there must also be a spiritual purpose behind our food. In addition to physical nourishment, what if food could also feed us spiritually? Mentally? Emotionally?

The problem is that most people have a purely physical relationship with food, and a disordered one at that. Food is fuel, yes. And so much more! There is an untapped potential — One that I propose is worthy of exploring, because food also has meaning.

It’s not about what you eat, but why and how. When is the last time you experienced food? Did you engage your senses? Were you aware of your thoughts and feelings? What do your food preferences say about you? Why do you crave the foods that you crave?

This is what I do.

You don’t need more rules, or research. You need curiosity, and compassion.

Food is used to facilitate fear. It’s also used to facilitate faith, fun, and family. What will you choose?

The way we judge our food is the way we judge our Self.

Do you love food, too?

If you don’t, why? And what would be possible if you did?