experiential eating kit

Our society has an unhealthy obsession with being healthy, and that often presents itself in a plethora of food rules which ultimately results in food fear, guilt, or shame.  The way we judge our food is synonymous with the way we judge ourselves and others…  But what if you could explore your relationship with food by interacting with it in NEW ways?


Rather than worry about WHAT you eat, focus on HOW to eat!  Experiential eating is simple but powerful, because it:


      • helps shift disordered dieting to mindful eating
      • encourages connection with self, community and Higher Power
      • is the “perfect” universal diet, supportive of IE/HAES principles
      • satisfies all cravings (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)

The intention behind this experiential eating kit is to remind you that your body is capable of so much more than being looked at and that food is more than fuel, it’s an experience!


Download this set of printables and start experiencing more with your food. These exercises not only help you to become more mindful while eating, it’s also a fun way to play with your food. Whether you choose to do these activities on your own or in a group setting, it really is possible to enjoy eating again.

What’s included:

      1. PDF version of my book True Food (168 pages)
      2. instructions on how to facilitate a group experience (6 pages)
      3. journaling worksheets (80 pages)
      4. Food & Body positive card deck (10 pages)
      5. Value Snack Mat (2 pages)

. . .

“Beth was so kind to talk with me before my first workshop. I had a copy of her book and wanted to get some more insight into how she ran the exercises in her own workshops. We got on a call and she walked me through the how she did it, what a good flow would be from one to the next, and gave some really valuable suggestions. She really knows what she’s doing! At another point she actually led me through an exercise myself and it was such a great experience. Beth was so generous with her knowledge and gave me the confidence I needed to run a successful workshop. I so appreciated her time and insight into how to lead others through an experiential eating workshop. My workshop attendees loved it, and I still hear from people what a powerful experience it was for them to connect to food in that unique way. Thank you, Beth, for your help and support. You are doing such important work and doing it so well!” — Stephanie