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You’re tired of diet hopping and you’re ready to trust your body to make food choices that are aligned with your values. But how?


Believe me, I get it.


As a busy mom, you find yourself hiding in your closet eating something you don’t even really want and then feeling ashamed or physically sick. When you are in control, you aren’t sure what to eat anymore and you’re afraid you’ll eat something unhealthy…  So you end up not eating, but then you’re so tired and hangry that it’s getting harder to show up fully in your business.  Heaven forbid you share this side of your wellness journey, because what if people think you’re a fraud!  Not to mention you’re terrified you’ll lose your “after body” or newfound health.


Overwhelmed with food rules, your food choices or eating habits are extrinsically motivated and you don’t know how to tap into your intuition to guide you.  Negative willpower continues to backfire leaving you even more confused and frustrated.  You believe you’re alone in your struggles, and you are afraid that you’re “too far gone” and doomed to fail.  You feel hopeless and ashamed, plagued with imposter syndrome or fear of hypocrisy.  What if you could be more authentic with your clients as you practice what you preach about true empowerment?  At this point, you’re also growing concerned about how your relationship with food/body might be affecting your children.


I know, because this was me.  My ultimate goal for years was health, but I didn’t realize that my obsession with being healthy was actually very unhealthy.  What if you can accept the body you’re in now so you can stop fighting it and start trusting it?


Maybe you’ve recently discovered the concept of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size.  And for the first time in a long time, you feel a glimmer of hope: that your desires of having a peaceful relationship with your food and body is actually possible.  But it’s such a foreign concept that you don’t even know where to begin — I got you.  Let’s work together to make food freedom and body trust a reality for you in your now body!

. . .

“What a wonderful program designed to help you step out of a life of discomfort & shame into a life of observance and change!  If you are someone who is looking to make peace with your body and food, or you are feeling stuck in your current course and lack a community of people not looking for some quick fix… then this is for you!   Take a chance on yourself because YOU are worth it.”  — Brianna