What is mindful eating?

As ideal as it might be to eat mindfully, it’s more important that you just eat.


Read that again.


Mindful eating is NOT another way to control, limit, or restrict your food choices and eating habits. It’s an awareness practice that helps you connect to your mind, body, and spirit. It transforms scared eaters into sacred eaters.


After years of body distrust and/or food morality, mindful eating can be used to bridge the gap from diet culture to Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size. It encourages you to enjoy food again and appreciate your body’s brilliance. It examines your food rules and body dissatisfaction with curiosity. It integrates your senses with your thoughts for an embodied experience.


I take it a step further and use experiential eating to help intuitive eaters become more mindful of their relationship with food — not to lose weight but to communicate with their whole Self.


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