For the love of food

Food is the greatest facilitator. I have a great amount of respect for the human body; I believe it is integral to our eternal progression. We wouldn’t be here without it, and we’re here because we need it. But what does a body need? Food. You cannot, you will not, survive without it.

If our spirit needs a body, and our body needs food, then there must also be a spiritual purpose behind our food. In addition to physical nourishment, what if food could also feed us spiritually? Mentally? Emotionally?

The problem is that most people have a purely physical relationship with food, and a disordered one at that. Food is fuel, yes. And so much more! There is an untapped potential — One that I propose is worthy of exploring, because food also has meaning.

It’s not about what you eat, but why and how. When is the last time you experienced food? Did you engage your senses? Were you aware of your thoughts and feelings? What do your food preferences say about you? Why do you crave the foods that you crave?

This is what I do.

You don’t need more rules, or research. You need curiosity, and compassion.

Food is used to facilitate fear. It’s also used to facilitate faith, fun, and family. What will you choose?

The way we judge our food is the way we judge our Self.

Do you love food, too?

If you don’t, why? And what would be possible if you did?