Sugar, fat, and all that

I would never force you to eat sugar. But I might invite you to play with it if sugar is one of your fear foods.

I would also never make you gain weight. But I won’t help you lose weight, and I would invite you to lean into the discomfort of what gaining weight means.

There are no good foods, bad foods. There is no good body, bad body. Be wary of false dichotomies and aim for neutrality.

Sugar is no worse, or better, than broccoli. Sugar is just sugar. Broccoli is just broccoli. And both are foods. Both are valid.

Being fat is no worse, or better, than being thin. Fat is just fat. Thin is just thin. And both are body sizes. Both are worthy.

Moralistic judgment does not serve you, it traps you. It’s a reflection of fears, doubts, and beliefs that are holding you back from being fully self-expressed.

Journal prompts: How much time, energy, and money do you spend on being healthy/thin? What does it mean to eat sugar and/or gain weight? Who said? Is it true? Are you 100% sure it’s true? Neutralize it. If you could eat anything and be any size free from judgment, what would be possible?