Food for life

There’s something you should know about me.


I’m not an Intuitive Eating counselor. I am, however, an intuitive life coach.


I talk about, and personally practice, Intuitive Eating because it aligns with MY values. There are certain elements of IE that aren’t accessible to all bodies, and some really struggle to implement certain principles because learning about it vs living it is different.


It’s personal. It’s nuanced. It’s between YOU and YOUR body. It has everything to do with food and nothing to do with it, simultaneously.


The truth is, how you relate to your food is how you relate to your life. Your body. Your marriage. Your parenting. Your business. Even your worship.


If you’re reading the books and streaming the podcasts and following the influencers but find yourself still confused on how to integrate/embody an intuitive lifestyle, then it’s time to listen to your intuition. And if you don’t know how, then hit me up because I can help you remember.


Your Inner Wisdom is valid, and it’s waiting for You. What are you waiting for?